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Be Like Me

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Be Like Me - An Enlivener Productions Film

Synopsis: Charles Markham, (Geoffrey Hymers) a young man in his early 20s, looks up to his friend Mike, (Kevin Vidal) a very smooth ladies man. Charles realizes something is missing, in his own approach and interaction with women, and needs to find out exactly what that is.

For Charles there is one resolution, he must discover the secrets of attracting the opposite sex and the strengths of his own uniqueness in the process. His quest begins.

Starring: Geoffrey Hymers, Rick Cordeiro, Kevin Vidal, Marianne D'Vaz, Farah Bhanji

Featuring: Erik Martin, Tina Fatahi, Claudia Yiu, Erica Tsamg, Wole Daramola, Joseph Daly, Mark Denicola, Daniel Hayes, Victoria Teva, Madonna Scott, Alison Douse, Perry Brady, Hong Zhu, Amber Avelino

Director of Photography: Mikhail Petrenko Audio: Joe Salmingo

Producers: RED Shorts, Anansi Moving Images, Enlivener Productions

Co-Directors: Amber Avelino, Walter Scott - "Be Like Me" film

Writer / Executive Producer: Enlivener Productions (Walter Scott) - "Be Like Me"

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